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Gifs to cheer you up part 2

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Wishful Thinking

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Just How Far Is It To Mars?

1. LINK Just How Far Is It To Mars? The Red Planet may be further away than you think… Check out this interactive guide that’s probably the coolest thing you’ll see on the internet today. Read more:


10 Terrifying Monster Attacks

Horror flicks are full of grisly monster attacks. Freddy Krueger chops up teenagers, Godzilla burns down cities, Dracula sucks blood, and the Gill-man carries off lovely ladies. But it’s all good fun because it’s just fiction . . . right? Perhaps. Throughout history, thousands of people, wide-eyed with terror, have claimed they were attacked by monsters, demons, and things with very sharp teeth. Maybe they were lying, confused, or just drunk. Or maybe they […]


It Looks Like He's Just Riding A Motorcycle, But Take A Closer Look At His Bike

Regardless of how you feel about cell phones, there’s no denying that they’ve made spotting and sharing social injustices way easier. Social media has lent a hand in catching criminals by allowing total strangers to share suspect photos and other bits of information online, which in turn can help authorities crack the case. After a social media post went viral, a city-wide man hunt was underway for this Texas dad […]


Peter Griffin tiene ahora una cuenta en Instagram

Bienvenido, Peterpumpkineater69. 1. Sí, en verdad ésta es su cuenta. 2. De manera que Fox lo creó y los escritores del programa escriben los comentarios. “¡Feliz aniversario a mi maravillosa esposa! #feadurmiente #tardegram” 3. Como todo buen usurario de Instagram, él publica fotos de su almuerzo. 4. Fox está usando la cuenta para promover el videojuego que está basado en el programa. “Mira a este idiota. […]


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