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This Airline Brings Dogs To Airports To Calm Down Holiday Travelers (Photos)

Everyone knows flying home for the holidays can be pretty stressful. In fact, if you’re like most people, there’s a good chance you dread traveling during the holiday season. Nothing kills your Christmas cheer quite like crowded airports, long lines and flight cancellations due to the snow. But before you decide to embrace your inner Scrooge and spend the holidays alone in your apartment, you should know one airline just […]


The Best NBA Animal Doppelgängers

1. Kobe Bryant View this image › 2. Tracy McGrady View this image › 3. Jason Terry View this image › 4. Carlos Boozer View this image › 5. Pau Gasol View this image › 6. Chris Bosh View this image › 7. LeBron James View this image › 8. Paul Pierce View this image › 9. Rajon Rondo View this image › 10. Anderson Varejao View this image › […]


32 Feelings All Women Will Remember

#NSFB: Not Safe For Boys. 1. The really weird FOMO when all your friends get their periods first and you aren’t yet aware that it is an evil monthly catastrophe. View this image › Authentic Entertainment / Via 2. The intense sense of dread the first time you got your period. View this image › FOX / Via Is that a lot?! Is it supposed to look like […]


Hedge Funds: Magical Places Where The Average Salary Is $368,000

Here’s another reminder of how spectacularly well compensated the hedge fund industry is — and the pay doesn’t seem closely connected to performance. View this image › bartosz_zakrzewski/bartosz_zakrzewski How much do you think the average hedge fund professional earns? You probably guessed something pretty high, but remember: We’re talking about the industry average, taking into account everyone from the jet-setting managers of multibillion-dollar funds, down to the analysts and traders […]


10 Ways To Steal Money From Your Friends

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