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Lady Gaga Introduces World’s First Flying Dress

Lady Gaga is of course the queen monster of weird, so few were surprised after she introduced the world’s first “flying dress” of sorts.  At a great art exhibit in Brooklyn, Gaga presented the giant copter-dress machine as Volantis, and successfully flew a few feet above the ground.    Read more:


This is in my English Professor's office...

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10 Ways A Month Without Alcohol Gave Me A Lifetime Of Healthy Habits

I always tell myself, “Drinking alcohol borrows joy from tomorrow.” I once was a social drinker. What started as a 30-day no alcohol challenge turned into a permanent lifestyle change. People often ask me how I changed physically, mentally and emotionally after quitting drinking. So, I thought Id share my story. For many years, Id enjoy a few quiet beers during the week and go harder most weekends. There would […]


How Hurricanes Affect Climate Change

Even very ill winds can blow quite a bit of good. Hurricanes in the United Stateshave been found to draw extraordinary amounts of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, albeit temporarily. The link between cyclonic storms, known as hurricanes in the Atlantic, and high temperatures has proven to be one of the harder aspects of climate change to unravel. The warmer surface waters thatglobal warming is creating fuels more powerful […]


My puppy likes to lay around and watch me while I practise yoga. She makes it kinda hard to concentrate sometimes.

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18 Pics That Will Make You Look Twice.

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