About a year ago, a baby La Plata dolphin was killed at the Santa Teresita resort in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when people carried it out of the ocean to take selfies with it on the beach.

La Plata dolphins are categorized as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Despite this status, another dolphin has died because of photo-seeking tourists’ selfish actions.

The incident took place again in Argentina, specifically in San Bernardo, Buenos Aires, where beach-goers pulled the animal out of the ocean. “He was young and came to the shore. They could have returned him to the sea, as it was still breathing, but they all began to take pictures and touch. However, they said that he was already dead,” one witness said.

Footage from the incident shows people petting the dolphin, seemingly unaware that it was dying (or dead) right in front of them.


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It’s great to get excited about nature and animals, but their carelessness created more issues for a vulnerable species. Be sure to SHARE this story if you think more people need to learn how to respect wildlife.

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