The Twelfth Doctor is several episodes into his first (and hopefully not last) series, and already he’s won the hearts of viewers worldwide.


There are so many factors that have made series eight one of the best since the show rebooted back in 2005.

You could write a MASSIVE list of reasons why.


But we’ve condensed them down into just 12 handy points:


1. Peter Capaldi is the perfect Doctor: frosty, sassy, funny, badass. He’s the Doctor we’ve been yearning for.

Damn, he’s so cool.

2. Clara has evolved into an amazing companion.

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She’s gone from being the Impossible Girl to the Resourceful Companion, and holds plenty of agency with the Doctor. Plus, now that intimacy is off the cards (even hugging) she has Danny Pink, her husky, awkward ex-soldier colleague and now boyfriend.

3. The Twelfth Doctor and Clara are the best Doctor/companion pairing since the Tenth Doctor and Donna.

A matter of opinion, yes, but Capaldi and Jenna Coleman gel so well and their rapport is regularly top notch despite the Doctor’s reservations about it: “I am totally against bantering.”

4. The monsters have been wonderfully rendered.


Take the diabolical Skovox Blitzer (from The Caretaker) or the poor, enslaved Teller of Time Heist, two incredible designs superbly executed. Throw in the robots of Deep Breath and Robot of Sherwood, too. And, of course, the Daleks who were back en masse in Into the Dalek.

5. The new title sequence is a visual treat.

Inspired by a fan’s (yes, one of us!) homemade opening credits, the latest title sequence is a incredible, spiralling roller-coaster of clockwork and time. Just what the Doctor ordered.

6. It’s attracted a great pedigree of acting talent.


Keeley Hawes’ casting in series eight was a real coup (after a great turn in the sublime Line of Duty earlier this year) and she joins the likes of Michael Smiley, Tom Riley, Ben Miller, Michelle Gomez, Hermione Norris, and Frank Skinner in this year’s stellar guest cast.

Triple Brownie points to Tumblr for finding this gem:

Tiger Aspect Productions / Via

Miss Delphox and the Twelfth Doctor previously starred in the TV movie Hotel! back in 2001.

We’re loving the hair, Twelve. And the tummy.

7. It has examined the Doctor’s morality.

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Hardly an original move — the show spent a great deal of Matt Smith’s later years testing the Doctor’s ethics — but with this grittier, Scotch-on-the-rocks incarnation the Doctor’s moral principles have never been more dubious. “Am I a good man?” he asked Clara. Time will tell.

8. The new TARDIS interior is, undoubtedly, the best yet.


1. It’s homely, illuminated by a softer light than the late Eleventh Doctor’s second console room. 2. It’s like a study or a library with the bookshelves, armchair, and chalkboard all highlighting the more serious, thoughtful side of the Twelfth Doctor. 3. The flashy lights. When the TARDIS takes off, the discs set into the ceiling flash. Tell me that isn’t cool.

9. The story arc is intriguing and not overpowering.

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Steven Moffat’s story arcs — the Silence saga, the crack in the wall conundrum, the Impossible Girl mystery — haven’t always been met with the best reception, and for series eight, it appears he’s listened to his critics and toned down this year’s arc. The enigmatic Missy (played by Michelle Gomez) occasionally crops up and a lot of robot-piloted ships appear to be en route to the Promised Land before the Doctor puts his foot in…but what connects them all? Our answers lie, surely, in the finale.

10. It continues to play on our greatest fears.

“Blink” by Steven Moffat: “Don’t blink.”
“Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead” by Steven Moffat: “Don’t step into the shadows.”
“The Waters of Mars” by Phil Ford and Russell T Davies: “Don’t touch the water. Not one drop.”
“The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon” by Steven Moffat: “Don’t forget.”
“Deep Breath” by Steven Moffat: “Don’t breathe.”
“Time Heist” by Stephen Thompson and Steven Moffat: “Don’t think”

.. and coming soon:

“Kill the Moon” by Peter Harness: “HUGE, FLIPPING SPIDERS.”

11. The scripts have greatly improved.

A criticism of the last series was that the stories just weren’t up to scratch. Again, Steven Moffat and Co. have built on the fans’ complaints and delivered (thus far) some profound, emotional, and all-round terrific scripts. Some highlights include “Into the Dalek”, “Listen”, and “Time Heist”.

12. His new outfit is dapper, simplistic, and totally suits the “100% rebel Time Lord” we were promised.

We like it. We like it a lot.

Kudos to Moffat, Capaldi, and Coleman for a terrific run so far. Roll on the rest of this series…


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