1. It’s Friday morning, and you’ve been having a really frustrating week.

2. You’re super duper bored,

3. and you don’t have patience for anyone.

4. At this point, you just want to run away from all the madness.

5. Nothing is working out the way you want it to.

6. You just want some good ‘ol, laid-back, weekend fun.

7. After escaping your miserable thoughts, you realize… IT’S THE WEEKEND!

8. Now you can’t freaking WAIT until work is over.

9. You make plans to get drinks with your friends later at night.

10. But once you get home, you know you’ll be like:

11. You stay inside and ignore all contact from the outside world.

12. Flash to tomorrow morning: awww yeah, it’s Saturday.

13. During the day you do your chores the only way you know how: with little kicks.

14. Nighttime rolls around. You decide to hang with your best buds and find a “happening” scene…

15. …just as long as you don’t have to put too much effort into anything.

16. You might get hit on by an attractive person.

17. At first you feel flattered,

18. but then you don’t really give a crap. At this point on Saturday night, you just wanna go home.

19. Alas, Day 3 is here! More weekend adventures!

20. You decide to skip Sunday brunch, because you’re above that kind of scene.

21. You avoid the gym like any sane person on a Sunday,

22. and instead do something sweet for yourself.

(But never reveal your strategies)

23. Or you may go see a movie, but you have a difficult time enjoying it…

24. …because you realize it’s your last day of freedom. Your weekend high has officially come down.

You have to wake up tomorrow morning for work… BLERG!

But don’t worry, Friday will come again.

And you’ll get to whip out your bawse dance moves again — little kicks and all.

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