Transylvania calling 2009

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Transylvania calling 2009

DJ Gaby
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Live Act Protonica@ Transylvania Calling 2011 Romania

19 responses to “Transylvania calling 2009”

  1. yid9 says:

    dj gaby is fit

  2. oED209o says:

    @AdamellyProductions thats an Astrojax :) 3 balls on a string..and the middle one can slide..

  3. LAGisINtheAIR says:

    imi aduce aminte de God is a DJ piesa….

  4. daedalusmary says:

    Mai, as vrea si eu sa stiu cum se numeste melodia asta, mie imi place foarte mult Goa, de fapt eu acum mai mult goa ascult, si as vrea sa am macar o melodie compusa si de un roman, DJ Gaby e romanca, nu banuiesc ?? ….nu stiti anul asta in 2011 pe ce data se mai tine un asemenea eveniment goa, ca as vrea si yo sa merg :)

  5. iituman says:

    @Su5252 its called a levi stick, pretty sure you can purchase on online :)

  6. Su5252 says:

    Do you know where i can find one of those magic wand’s like the guys of this video?

  7. NastaseMonica says:

    the second song is really nice. <3

  8. AdamellyProductions says:

    What is the name of the juggling thing the man plays with in 2:50 ?

  9. thccrew2000 says:

    the “Stik” it’s called MAGIC WAND!!!!

  10. brennuvargr says:

    @DjaneGABY11 Hey! This is such a lovely track. Is it released anywhere? Would absolutely love to listen to it on my mp3 player… Just the sort of morning trance I dig. :) Good work!!!

  11. bhadrapad1 says:

    02:14 what ‘s that stick ?? is it magic stick :P
    does it have a name ??somebody ,something…how can I find it?

  12. Mantramurtim says:

    I get a drink at 07:40 : D

    DJ Gaby is great DJ <3

  13. eumanuel11 says:

    bah-spuneti-mi si mie ce sunt betele alea de la min 2:00…k arata super tare-pls nijte ajutor

  14. ogjoint says:

    @freezys foarte misto treaba, dar cum functioneaza? n-am gasit nimic pe google din pacate, ai putea sa-mi dai un link ceva sa ma uit sa vad si eu ce si cum? :) ms

  15. freezys says:


    magic wand parca asa se numesc :P

  16. danielzinhartl93 says:

    que vibe good

  17. tranceworld100 says:

    pacat k acest gen de muzik este f putin ascultat la noi:(…ADOR MUZK PROGRESSIVE PSYTRANCE, GOA TRANCE, FULL ON AND OTHERS:)…..YEAHHHHHHHHHHH

  18. faintzin says:

    Protonica – Floating Point (Morning Mix) 

  19. fernaruto says:

    muy interesante el Vid, felicidades IMix

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