In scenes that we’re surprised we don’t see more often, a grieving father lungedacross a courtroom yesterday, in an attempt to attack the man who killed his daughter.

Just moments after Michael Madison was sentenced to death for the murders of three women –18-year-old Shirelda Terry, 38-year-old Angela Deskins and 28-year-old Shetisha Sheele – Van Terry (father of Shirelda) was called upon to deliver a victim-impact statement.

Madison reportedly gave Van a “malicious smile”, which causedVanto leap across the courtroom, and attack Michael.

During Michael’s trial, his lawyers didn’t try to argue that he was innocent, and instead focused on avoiding the death penalty for their client.

They presented evidence that he has been physically and psychologically abused as a child, telling the judge:

“This history of abuse and his dysfunctional upbringing certainly doesn’t excuse what happened here but certainly provides a basis for understanding the type of person Michael Madison evolved into.”

The jury evidently didn’t agree, and recommended that Michael receive the death penalty. The Judge accepted this, and sentenced Madison to death by lethal injection.

Our thoughts are with the families ofShirelda, Angela andShetisha.

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