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Never too early for indoctrination

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'80s Band Contemplating Legal Action Against Rove Group

View this image › Swiss band Yello Swiss electronica band, Yello — whose biggest hit, “Oh yeah,” was made famous in the final scene of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off— are objecting to what sounds like a sample of the track in an anti-Obama ad this week. The commercial, titled “Cool,” was released by Karl Rove’s Super PAC American Crossroads, and mocks President Obama for being an ineffectual “celebrity.” Throughout […]


Selfie after taking a shower

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Firefighter Goes All Out To Cheer Up One Lonely 6-Year-Old Boy

Six-year-old Cobie Saiz was, by all accounts, having a bad Saturday. The little guy was lonely, as he had just moved to a new neighborhood and felt like he didn’t have any friends. So when he put on his favorite firefighter uniform and went outside to play by himself, he never expected a real firefighter to turn up and pull out all the stops to cheer him up. Little Cobie […]


Bad Joke Eel

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MRW My Cousin says that 3 Crossfit classes is harder than going through Bootcamp

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