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Two men fatally stabbed defending woman against anti-Muslim rant identified

As maddening as it is when hate crimes inspire dozens of high-profileheadlines before turningout to be hoaxes, it’s sobering when there are fatalities to make it clear an incident was no hoax. According to the Oregonian,two men were killed and one wounded in a stabbing on a Portlandcommuter train Friday after they confronted a man who was allegedlyyelling racial slurs at two young women who appeared to be Muslim. The […]


Somebody on reddit asked What are some creepy things you have heard kids say? Here are some of the responses.

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Top 10 Worst Artists in Music

Instead of a “best of” list, I thought we should have a bit of fun with a “worst of”. Inspired by Blender’s top 50 guide, I have put together this list of the top 10 worst artists in music. Please be sure to tell us your own most hated bands (include youtube links if you can). 10. La Toya Jackson If you feel the funk Is it just me […]


Johnny Depp tells an obtuse joke from Al Pacino on Letterman

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It Gets Better, Unless You're Fat

View this image › Justine Zwiebel/BuzzFeed I never had to come out as fat. When you grow up overweight, everyone notices — not just your classmates, who are too young to have mastered the art of tact, but also friends’ parents and teachers. I knew I was fat because people told me I was fat, either directly (a slap to the stomach and an unkind word) or in subtler ways […]


I don't always pur in your lap but when I do, you're on the john

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