Gaben Flying Off

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34 People Share Their Hilarious Personal Examples of Petty Revenge

The pettiness of some of these is remarkable.  1 Via: Hooman TV 2 Via: AskReddit 3 Via: AskReddit 4 Via: AskReddit 5 Via: AskReddit 6 Via: AskReddit 7 Via: AskReddit 8 Via: AskReddit 9 Via: AskReddit 10 Via: AskReddit 11 Via: AskReddit 12 Via: AskReddit 13 Via: AskReddit 14 Via: AskReddit 15 Via: AskReddit 16 Via: AskReddit 17 Via: AskReddit 18 Via: AskReddit 19 Via: AskReddit 20 Via: AskReddit 21 […]


Crushing Alarm Clock With Hydraulic Press

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Screw Censorship: Two Porn-Coms Set for Release in India in January

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20 Pictures That Are Perfect for the Dark Humor-Loving Side in All of Us

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KTVU News Anchor Reads Fake Racist Asiana Pilot Names

After such a terrible disaster, you’d think the producers at Oakland’s KTVU would be more careful. But still, some prankster at the news station changed the teleprompter to show four fake names of the pilots of the Asiania airline that crashes last week.  Instead of their correct names, the anchor read the mocking names of, “Captain Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk, and Bang Ding Ow.” Apparently, it […]


Classic Larry

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Cat Gives High Five

Even the simplest videos can go viral, like this video of a cat giving multiple high fives to a floating hand. Maru the cat is easily amused. HuffingtonPost is sharing the video.     Read more:


An Engineer’s Guide To Cats 2.0

Way back in 2008, YouTuber Klusmanp posted An Engineer’s Guide To Cats. The video quickly became an Internet classic, and now stands with over 6.5 million views. Now, over five years later, he has returned with an unexpected sequel.  An Engineer’s Guide to Cats 2.0 begins in a similar fashion as the original as a tribute, and further discusses cats from an engineer’s nerdy perspective.     Read more:


Honest Trailer Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time

Even gamers who aren’t a fan of Zelda have played Ocarina of Time. It is one of the most popular N64 games, and one of the best games in the Zelda franchise. That’s why Smosh Games has made this hilarious honest trailer for the game.     Read more: