Kids React To Gay Marriage

The The Fine Brothers usual showcase kids reacting in cute ways to silly Internet memes and viral videos for their famous Kids React show. But for their most recent episode, they chose to feature the sensitive subject of gay marriage.  Kids ranging from 5 to 13 years old where shown viral videos featuring same-sex proposals, such as the now viral famous Home Depot marriage proposal, to catch their natural reactions.  As anticipated, […]


Gay Senator Gets To Propose To Partner Now That Marriage Ban Is Overturned (Video)

When Nevada Senator Kelvin Atkinson learned that his state was about to begin allowing same-sex marriages, he only had one thing on his mind: Sherwood Howard, his partner of over six years. While on stage Tuesday, Oct. 7, at a gathering promoting LGTBQ rights, Atkinson let his emotions pour out while speaking about his relationship with Howard. And before he knew it, the senator was proposing. Nevada was one of […]