Woman And Her Doctors Dance To Beyonce Before Her Surgery

The moments before a simple surgery are intimidating enough. But a double mastectomy? That can be truly terrifying.  But Deb Cohan wasn’t interested in feeling negative as her double mastectomy approached. Instead, she, her family, and her doctors held an joyous flash mob to Beyonce’s upbeat dance hit Get Me Bodied right there in the operating room. Now you have no excuse for not feeling excited and pumped for your day no matter what you […]


Nick Grimshaw Shaved Off His Hair And People Can’t Handle It

It’s official. A Radio 1 DJ dared to change his hair without the express permission of the UK population and they’re not happy about it. How could you, Nick? Don’t you understand how much this effects everyone else’s lives? Not only that, but he forced fans to watch the horrific moment in a cruel video posted on Snapchat. Despicable. The BBC should probably be offering counselors to support anyone affected […]


Mike Tompkins Performs A Capella Cover Of ‘Clarity’ By Zedd

Popular vocalist and a cappella artist Mike Tompkins has finally returned to the web from his summer tour to appease his fans’ thirsty ears for another voice-only pop music cover. For his latest serving, he covered Zedd’s club hit single Clarity in such a way, it seems impossible it only originated from his mouth.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/08/20/mike-tompkins-performs-a-capella-cover-of-clarity-by-zedd/


We Remixed The Best Interview Of 2016 So Far (With Kings Of Leon)

This week, Michelle Dobyne has become one of those things what the internetz’ likes to call, a “sensation”. In the words of Rob Brydon on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2015, her impassioned description of a building fire went “voral”. (We assume Rob meant “viral” – it was hard to tell…) Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the fire, and Dobyne has now gone so viral she’s teamed up […]


Father Leaps Across Courtroom To Attack The Man Who Killed His Daughter

In scenes that we’re surprised we don’t see more often, a grieving father lungedacross a courtroom yesterday, in an attempt to attack the man who killed his daughter. Just moments after Michael Madison was sentenced to death for the murders of three women –18-year-old Shirelda Terry, 38-year-old Angela Deskins and 28-year-old Shetisha Sheele – Van Terry (father of Shirelda) was called upon to deliver a victim-impact statement. Madison reportedly gave […]


Katy Perry Is Pissed About People Making Money Off Her Super Bowl Left Shark

So Katy Perry is like super pissed that the American public loved her fuckup dancing shark (otherwise known as Left Shark, Lefty for short if I had my way) more than her actual halftime show. Obv Left Shark’s adorably incompetent dance moves broke the internet (sorry Kim, do less) and has inspired tons of memes. But at least one person has tried to profit off of Left Shark’s sensation by […]


22 Truly Terrible Sex Tips

Courtesy Of Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, and a few others. 1. Well if it works for mice   2. No pain, no gain 3. Pepper spray usually has a whole different purpose 4. Is that really foreplay though? Or just staring? 5. Treat at like one of those jars that were really difficult to open as a kid 6. And if she says no do we just ignore her? 7. Think […]


18 Pics That Will Make You Look Twice.

Read more: http://www.hellou.co.uk/2014/05/18-pics-will-make-look-twice-5158/


Expectations vs. Reality

We all like to think highly of ourselves, but sometimes too highly. Like when I’m at the gym, I think I look like a monster, but really I’m a shrimp. Yeah, it happens to the best of us. Check out these instances of expectations vs. reality: 1. Falling asleep in public: 2. When you buy a suit: 3. What you think you look like: 4. When you wear a tight […]


DJ Dog Plays Along With Handler

This adorable video from last October just had a second surge in viewership after being featured by TastefullyO, CheezBurger, VideoGum, and Neatorama. While being held by his human partner, this DJ dog copies whatever notes his partner plays. Somehow, the dog doesn’t just scratch the record, but really follows the beat. Can this truly be real?  Update: We have changed the video to the original owners. Thanks dpaf.   Read more: […]