Katy Perry Is Pissed About People Making Money Off Her Super Bowl Left Shark

So Katy Perry is like super pissed that the American public loved her fuckup dancing shark (otherwise known as Left Shark, Lefty for short if I had my way) more than her actual halftime show. Obv Left Shark’s adorably incompetent dance moves broke the internet (sorry Kim, do less) and has inspired tons of memes. But at least one person has tried to profit off of Left Shark’s sensation by […]


22 Truly Terrible Sex Tips

Courtesy Of Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, and a few others. 1. Well if it works for mice   2. No pain, no gain 3. Pepper spray usually has a whole different purpose 4. Is that really foreplay though? Or just staring? 5. Treat at like one of those jars that were really difficult to open as a kid 6. And if she says no do we just ignore her? 7. Think […]


18 Pics That Will Make You Look Twice.

Read more: http://www.hellou.co.uk/2014/05/18-pics-will-make-look-twice-5158/


Expectations vs. Reality

We all like to think highly of ourselves, but sometimes too highly. Like when I’m at the gym, I think I look like a monster, but really I’m a shrimp. Yeah, it happens to the best of us. Check out these instances of expectations vs. reality: 1. Falling asleep in public: 2. When you buy a suit: 3. What you think you look like: 4. When you wear a tight […]


DJ Dog Plays Along With Handler

This adorable video from last October just had a second surge in viewership after being featured by TastefullyO, CheezBurger, VideoGum, and Neatorama. While being held by his human partner, this DJ dog copies whatever notes his partner plays. Somehow, the dog doesn’t just scratch the record, but really follows the beat. Can this truly be real?  Update: We have changed the video to the original owners. Thanks dpaf.   Read more: […]


20 Things People With Bitchy Resting Face Are Tired Of Hearing

No, but seriously, what’s wrong? 1. “What’s wrong?” giphy.com / FOX Errr, is there something wrong? Nope. Nothing wrong. This is just how my face looks. 2. “No, seriously, what’s up?” giphy.com No, seriously, nothing. Not a single thing. 3. “You look miserable, are you OK?” fuckyeahkardashians.tumblr.com / E! Nope, it’s just my face. 4. “Oh god, have I done something? ARE YOU MAD AT ME?” giphy.com / FOX NO. […]


Pentatonix Performs A Cappella Sam Smith Mash Up

The a cappella masters of Pentatonix are again trending after debuting another pop-tastic music video. The quintet merged two Sam Smith hits, La La La and Latch, into one perfect mash up called La La Latch. Their new song has already amassed over one million hits!    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2014/09/04/pentatonix-performs-a-cappella-sam-smith-mash-up/


Classy Acoustic Cover Of Sexy And I Know It

Eighteen year old Noah took the mantra from 2011 and made it so much more. The small time South Carolina YouTube musician says he always wanted to cover Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO, but didn’t know how he was going to arrange it. Now that he’s finished he’s afraid he’s gone to far from the original. No, Noah. You’ve gone just far enough, making a truly deep and emotional song […]


The Lonely Island YOLO Music Video

Web favorite The Lonely Island started off as a small name on SNL with Andy Samberg as the leader. Now, they have grown a huge following, with over 2.8 million fans on YouTube alone.  For their latest piece, they mock the newly trending acronym YOLO, which stands for You Only Live Once. The younger generation commonly uses the new slang as an excuse when making impulsive and/or stupid life decisions.  Instead, […]


MAKJ & OT Genasis - Ultra Music Festival Miami 2015

Ultra Music Festival OT Genasis performing I am in love with the coco live at Ultra Music Festival. Buy Here: https://pro.beatport.com/track/coco-makj-remix/6472880 facebook.com/makjofficial twitter.com/makj instagram.com/makj youtube.com/djmakj by techyourpicture   Headphones – Shopping Search Engine Find the best deals on “Headphones” in one place by searching top music retailers online. [sellfire id=”53bc8e2bbe27cd0a7497f4cf” name=”HeadPhones”]