Kids React To Gay Marriage

The The Fine Brothers usual showcase kids reacting in cute ways to silly Internet memes and viral videos for their famous Kids React show. But for their most recent episode, they chose to feature the sensitive subject of gay marriage.  Kids ranging from 5 to 13 years old where shown viral videos featuring same-sex proposals, such as the now viral famous Home Depot marriage proposal, to catch their natural reactions.  As anticipated, […]


Woman And Her Doctors Dance To Beyonce Before Her Surgery

The moments before a simple surgery are intimidating enough. But a double mastectomy? That can be truly terrifying.  But Deb Cohan wasn’t interested in feeling negative as her double mastectomy approached. Instead, she, her family, and her doctors held an joyous flash mob to Beyonce’s upbeat dance hit Get Me Bodied right there in the operating room. Now you have no excuse for not feeling excited and pumped for your day no matter what you […]


Man Claims Delta Employees Peed In His Luggage

Last Saturday, this Brit flew on Delta from London Heathrow to Minneapolis. He was expecting to have a nice long trip in America. Instead, his bag was sent on the wrong city. That’s happened to many people, and is very annoying, but it happens. But the real surprise was when he finally got his luggage and opened it. All of his belongings were soaking wet and smelled of urine. Even his […]


LAPD Save Suicidal Man From Jumping

LAPD officers and a security guard saved a man from jumping off of an LA apartment building. After convincing the man not to jump, the police had trouble bringing him over the ledge that he was hanging from. The video has gone viral for the childish reason that the officers resort to pulling the man up by his underwear, causing an extreme ‘wedgie.’ The video is featured on [email protected], Gawker, […]


Homeless Man Goes Fishing In LA River Using Stones

This video from 2009 has just started to pick up serious viewership. A homeless man is caught on camera going fishing in the Los Angeles river. He doesn’t have a fishing pole, but that doesn’t seem to phase him. Actually, his method is much more effective and efficient. He grabs a couple large rocks, and after just a few throws catches a nice size trout. I guess it’s fresh fish for […]


How Sugar Affects The Brain Animation

Sugar! Some say it’s more addicting than smoking and alcohol.  But what is it about sugar that makes our brain tick? Nicole Avena of TED-Ed explains how the sweet stuff tickles the brain in this new educational animation.    Read more:


Train Smashes Semi Truck Stuck On Train Tracks

It looks like a scene from a Hollywood movie or action packed TV show. But this is totally real life. While travelling through the small town of Mer Rouge, Louisiana, David and his friends watched in horror as a semi-truck hauling a giant crane became stuck on the train tracks. They could hear the train horn howling and could only watch as the train smashed through the truck like butter.    Read more: […]