One Easy Thing All White People Could Do That Would Make The World A Better Place

A Safeway clerk screwed up big time, but these two women handled it perfectly. Further proof that one person can have a huge impact. Read more:


This Powerful Display of Masculinity Will Have You Asking Yourself, "What Did I Just Watch?"

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Wonderloop Could Totally Change the Way You Meet New Friends

The Launchpad is a series that introduces Mashable readers to compelling startups. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. Name: Wonderloop One-Liner Pitch: Wonderloop helps you find interesting people by interest or location. Why It’s Taking Off: It’s the first social network with video profiles and thus allows you to make the same type of first impression you would make in […]


Watching This Chick Explain Why She's Not Friends With Her Ex Makes For a Weird Source of Entertainment

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The Age Limits for Your Kid's Toys Are Not a Suggestion Via: Stephen Vaughan Rose Read more:


If You Know Someone Living Near A Beach, You May Want To Call Them. The Ocean Is Eating Their House.

It’s not just coastal cities that are at risk of disappearing into the ocean. Island countries and some of the world’s celebrated landmarks are in danger too. We should probably go green just a little bit faster. Read more:


Bobby Jindal accepts ALS ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ from Drew Brees [video]!/drewbrees/status/499394983506747392 New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees wanted to see Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal take the #ALSIceBucketChallenge, and Jindal accepted while issuing the same challenge to Joe Scarborough, Willie Robertson and LSU football coach Les Miles:!/BobbyJindal/status/499573688287907840 Read more:


The Hardest Part of Calling Out of Work is Actually Saying it Out Loud

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They Gave Him A Medal For His Service And Asked Him To Give A Speech. One Thank-You Is Unexpected.

Imagine using the biggest speech of your life to talk about your deepest inner struggles. That’s exactly what the soldier here does as he’s given the Medal of Honor. Read more:


Why Sweden's Top Students Know Less About The World Than Chimpanzees

Big TED talk, great statistics, brilliant presenter … it’s like the nerd Super Bowl! Read more: