What This Guy Just Caught In Florida Reminds Me How Terrifying Nature Is.

Steve Bargeron was fishing in Fort Pierce, Florida one night when he realized he had hooked something big. He had no idea just how big until he wrangled it out of the ocean. At 18”, the size of the catch would have been cause for excitement if it were most any kind of fish, but Bargeron never could expected to catch a foot-and-a-half-long mantis shrimp. Or, at least, what he thinks […]


Crushing Alarm Clock With Hydraulic Press

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The Rock Driving E.T.

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Indian Snake Charmer Release Snakes In Tax Office As Protest

It seems corruption and bribery is an international issue. A snake charmer in northern India was so sick of the corruption, he released twelve poisonous snakes in a local tax office. He claims that nothing gets done without bribing officials, and he’s sick of the corruption.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/12/06/indian-snake-charmer-release-snakes-in-tax-office-as-protest/


This Is What Happens When You Forget To Close The Sun Roof In A Car Wash

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Man Claims Delta Employees Peed In His Luggage

Last Saturday, this Brit flew on Delta from London Heathrow to Minneapolis. He was expecting to have a nice long trip in America. Instead, his bag was sent on the wrong city. That’s happened to many people, and is very annoying, but it happens. But the real surprise was when he finally got his luggage and opened it. All of his belongings were soaking wet and smelled of urine. Even his […]


Lady Gaga Introduces World’s First Flying Dress

Lady Gaga is of course the queen monster of weird, so few were surprised after she introduced the world’s first “flying dress” of sorts.  At a great art exhibit in Brooklyn, Gaga presented the giant copter-dress machine as Volantis, and successfully flew a few feet above the ground.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/11/13/lady-gaga-introduces-worlds-first-flying-dress/


What Is He Even Talking About?

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College Commercials Spoof – It’s A Snap!

NSFW Warning – graphic, disturbing, content, language  It’s a common phrase in all cheesy advertising; announcing, “It’s a snap!” and then snapping and ‘teleporting’ away has been a favored gimmick ever since it’s creation. And college commercials are one of the most guilty for using the snap technique.  The very real Central Institute of Technology in Australia hired comedians, Henry & Aaron, to make a digital short, and the two chose to […]


Paul Reviews McDonald’s Breakfast In 1984

Back in the 80′s, only a lucky few families had their own camcorders. And usually, dad wouldn’t allow anyone near the expensive device with a ten foot pole. Weird Paul was one of the lucky few to get to play with their family camcorder, and loved to make amazingly very YouTube-style videos. He even did what has even been spoofed on the show Community, a food review. In 1984, wearing […]