Are you Tracy Beaker? Or Magda? Or Ellie?

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Which Jacqueline Wilson Character Are You?

  1. You got: Madga from “Girls In Love”

    You are popular, and glamorous. You’re fun loving, which sometimes means you get into trouble, but you’re always there for your friends when they need you.

  2. You got: Ellie from “Girls In Love”

    You are creative, and funny. You get self conscious and shy sometimes, but your friends know the real you – and they’re always happy to coax you out of your shell.

  3. You got: Nadine from “Girls In Love”

    You are rebellious, and edgy. You might seem like a tough nut to crack, but you’re loyal to the core – and know your own worth.

  4. You got: Tracy from “The Story of Tracy Beaker”

    You are tough, and resourceful. Though life has thrown you a few curveballs, and left you in the Dumping Ground, you are special enough to still shine.


  5. You got: Charlotte from “The Lottie Project”

    You are popular, but hot-headed. You’re creative and sweet when you want to be – and you really care about your family.


  6. You got: Dolphin from “The Illustrated Mum”

    You are shy, but resillient. You have had to take on a lot of responsibility, but you are more capable than you know.

  7. You got: Ruby from “Double Act”

    You are outgoing, and a little bossy. Though your twin sister is important to you, you know that you can be your own person too.

  8. You got: Garnet from “Double Act”

    You are shy, and very clever. It takes you a while to come out of your shell, but once you do you shine.

  9. You got: Elsa from “The Bed And Breakfast Star”

    You are funny and resourceful – even when the chips are down. You’re a real star.


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